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Our services

We work with passion!

Our strength is the union between our experience and the choice of premium providers we work with while keeping maximum attention to detail. The results of this synergy make our offer of machine and converting lines simple, functional, reliable and with the best quality to price ratio.

Macchine nuove e usate

Used machines

Used machines on sale in their actual condition or with maintenance and necessary custom modifications included.

Macchine nuove e usate

New machines

Thanks to our collaboration with IM Converting srl we also supply new fully automatic inter folding lines, embossers, low saws and all other components for paper transformation.

Startup impianti

Machinery installation, start-up and operational training

We follow all preliminary stages at the client’s location, from the machine installment to the trial and start-up phases. In particular we pay specific attention to the training of our customer’s operational personnel to guarantee optimal training, in order to face all productional necessities.



Upgrade of old production lines to new electronic platforms, including the necessary safety adjustments. We also take care of the technical inspection of used machines for converting (also new and with warranty), both for the ones from our production as well as foreign. All refurbished converting machines are tested at our location under the client’s supervision.



Projecting of modifications and transformations to existing lines according to new production needs. Realization of lay-outs and optimization of production cycles. We offer a complete service of mechanical engineering for both new machines or for modifications or adaptations to existing ones. For the software engineering part we rely on external partners, with exclusivity contract and under our direct supervision. All necessary certifications can be issued upon request.



Consulting for investments with respect to productivity goals. This represents one of the most important need for our clients. Thanks to our consulting services it is possible to find optimal solutions to production and output optimization levels, technical issues and other existing problems. We stand side by side with our clients in advising them in the investment strategy taking into account all their needs and expectations.

After sales service

After sales service

We offer services of assistance, sending our team if needed and guaranteeing the providing of original or compatible spare components. We can also offer planned maintenance service, ideal to prevent inconvenient faults which can cause stops and delays in production. Additionally we can offer the service of remote assistance, an effective method to face sudden stops of the production line.

Nastri trasportatori

Conveyor belts

Realization of conveyor belts according to specific lay-out needs The supply of conveyor belt kits is among the most underestimated services in the industry. In that sense we are capable of supplying various types of conveyor belts, on existing or custom.made lay-outs, in order to satisfy our client’s needs. The service is comprehensive of the flux harmonization and possible supply of an electrical cabinet.


Spare parts

Service of supplying of commercial or custom- engineered spare components. Thanks to our collaboration with specialized partners we are able to supply in very short notice various types of supply components, both ones on the market as well as custom-made ones.

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