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Complete line for toilet rolls

Non stop rewinder machine to produce embossed toilet rolls

Rewinder composition, paper width 2700mm, year 2006, speed 350mt/min :

  • Unwinder for reel up-to 1500mm diameter
  • Steel-rubber embossing, double station
  • Non stop rewinder head
  • Tail sealer unit
  • Automatic cores loader
  • Core maker machine
  • Tail sealer
  • Logs accumulator
  • Electronic log saw, two lanes
Packaging section :
  • Cassoli PAC602RT automatic wrapping machine, 2-3-4 lanes, 1-2 levels
  • Pneumatic Diverter for rolls, from 2 lanes at 2-3-4 lanes
  • Cassoli MW10B automatic wrapping machine for pacs 8/10 rolls, vertical disposition
  • Cassoli IN5 automatic bundler machine, double feeding, with staker for 8/10 rolls pacs
  • Set of conveyors belt for connections

Machines in excellent condition
Immediate availability
Possibility of providing different packaging, installation and start-up solutions
Spare parts available

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