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MD is a partner of the Garfagnana Lions Club

MD has joined, as a three-year partner of the project, the Service for the restoration of the last three lunettes of the Convent of San Francesco di Borgo a Mozzano coordinated by Lions Club Garfagnana.

We participated with a contribution to the restoration of the first of the three lunettes of the Franciscan cloister, decorated in total with 29 lunettes in which over 40 scenes from the life of St. Francensco of Assisi are represented, created from 1635 to 1637 by Domenico Manfredi, who will start in the next few days to then be “delivered” in September.
The restoration of the other two lunettes will be completed by 2021.

A project that restores art the value it deserves and that helps to preserve a great heritage of history, culture and beauty of our territory and preserve it for our future generations.

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